Do I Look Fat?

“Do I look fat?” It’s not just women asking a best friend or the mirror.

Woman looking at her body in the mirrorAs the US population continues down the train wreck track of increasing obesity, no one is immune.  Wired’s Sam Apple reports on the latest up-ending of nutrition rules to search for the Holy Grail of why we are so … fat.

Same Song, New Verse?

Haven’t we heard what a balanced diet was . . . and then it’s not . . . before?

The Future’s Take on Nutrition


Yes, theory after theory has been proposed and debunked by research as to how to eat well and not gain weight.  With so many theories and diets, no single path has emerged, or it has but then been rejected or at least qualified later.

The Nutrition Science Initiative, NuSI (pronounced new-see), though, is taking a fresh approach to the entire research process.  Not funded by the CDC or National Science Foundation, NuSI’s deep pockets are private grant – billionaire natural-gas trader John Arnold. Unbound by traditional research parameters, NuSI is out to challenge all the current diet thinking.

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NuSI is the creative passion of Gary Taubes (author of Good Calories, Bad Calories) and Peter Attia (former physician and medical researcher).   Taubes’ book not only challenged the current diet theories, but also tore apart the methodology that produced the results.

So what’s the Big Data Idea?   Eat Big Data!

Part 2 – How Big Data can tackle Big Obesity